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Getting Information about Hornets Nest Region

If you are a car enthusiast, you would surely want to display your vehicles. If you have some awesome cars to be shown to people, then you better share them by parading them during your club affairs. You would surely desire to join Antique Automobile Club this time. If you need to know more information about the club, you better visit their official website and see all the things that they do. All enthusiasts must appreciate the efforts made by the club, so you better pay attention to them. You must be excited to attend their regular meetings once you become a member of their prestigious club.

Once you visit the official website, you will see several areas that will bring pertinent information. Others who belong to the Hornets Nest Region and those who are enthusiasts of Antique cars will surely get important facts from the website. If you need to attend to monthly meetings, you also need to be aware that no face-to-face interactions will be done. In fact, it was announced there will be no meeting to be conducted until June 2021. You better monitor the site for future updates.

When talking about meetings, you will also realize that they call for region monthly meeting. Such meeting is being done at the Levine Center every third Tuesday per month. If you become region members, you must know that there are no reservations required. If you will be coming to their office, you will find the actual address. Hence, you will not get lost if you decide to come to them. You also look forward about region news. If you are a prospective region member, you will be requested to attend monthly meeting especially if you own an AACA vehicle. That vehicle needs to be 25 years old or older. You need to prove to them that the vehicle is restored to original condition.

If you want to be part of the club, you surely like to know if it has been operating for a long time. The club which you want to be part of has been operating since 1967. It makes a lot of sense on your part to have get updates on events and meetings. There is a separate button that you want to click for further updates. If you are planning to attend the April 2021 Charlotte Auto Fair in Spring, the club informs everyone about its cancellation due to COVID-19 restrictions.

If you also want to know short information about the directors and the history of Hornets Nest Region, you better check details online. There is also a separate button where you can find the things you need to be proud of them. You also desire to check some updates on Members’ Parade. It is the publication of the club. You may receive a copy monthly. If you also want to check images from their gallery, take the initiative to visit the site. You may also call their hotline numbers if you want to know more about the functions of the club.

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